Genesis Climber MOSPEADA

In 1985, the owner entered a Japanese anime magazine's sweepstakes and won.
It was mailed directly to him by Tatsunoko production, which was producing Robotech.

Episode 21. Arpeggio of Murder(Robotech 81. Hired Gun)

The name of the storyboard creator, Hiromichi Matano, is written in the book.
Mr. Matano is currently an animation director.

The stamp “KAZUKO” indicates that Ms. Kazuko Murakami, the color coordinator, has confirmed the contents of the scene.

In some scenes, color directions are written directly on the storyboard.

In online auctions we see color copies of storyboards for sale.
By looking at the stamps, it is possible to determine whether they are original or copies of the storyboard.



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